Our Company Origins

The Flyer Master was launched in 2011 by graphic designer Scott Bennett, who has always had a love for rave culture. He spent his younger years collecting flyers from drum & bass events and countless hours admiring record sleeve artwork (especially the picture discs!). This love soon turned to ambition, with a goal to provide high impact visual design services, digital art, motion and promotional material for the events, festivals and musicians he was such a massive fan of.

The Flyer Master name is a bit tongue in cheek and (some might say) big headed, but you need to dream big, right? At the heart of the name is always the work ethic of being the very best you can be and constantly pursuing the next level of knowledge and skill. With this our logo has undergone some tweaks and changes over the years, as we figured out our own identity and put into practice the ethos of always doing better when you know better.

The Flyer Master logo

As time has passed we have become highly recommended within the dance music industry as one of the “go-to guys” for event artwork. The studio has custom made over 1500 flyers for events all over the world but have also managed to branch out to record labels and artist branding. We have been lucky enough to work for these lovely people over the years:

Annix / Mallorca Lee / Logan D / Encapsulated Energy / Epidemik / Terrorform / Azza & Grima / Sector Events / Innovation / Breakin Science / Low Down Deep / Serotone Recordings / Volks Nightclub / Sun Beatz / Volume DNB / IC3 Genres / Major#Bass / 3Flow / Scotcore / Impact MC / United Sounds / 1994 / Co-Lab / Srewface Promotions / D-stortion Records / HSDNB / Shabba D / Motive / Deep Knowledge / Carnival / Nu Manouvres / Strictly DNB / Kaos / DJ Dominator (RIP) / Addiction / Bass Science / The Garden of England / K Motionz / V Recordings / Digital 101 / Miss Melody / FBKVIP / Dubzology / The Drum & Bass Bible / Kronic Bass / Subway Soundz / Money$hot / Burna Jay / Stinkin’ Beats / Puzzle / Darkside / Sumo Beatz / Beta Brothers / Random Concept / Bass Space / Yellow Brick Green / NBG / Sticky / Takeover / Defect / F8ality Sounds / Fusion / New Sounds / Rainbow FX / Animated / Focus MMA / Re-Wired Beatz + Many More

Company Values


Our number one rule is to take a client brief and launch it to the next level. Always extending beyond our reach allows to have a constant pursuit of something greater than before.


Results are the product of hard work and the relentless pursuit of new possibilities. It’s there to reward the brave and the curious.


We are not working for you, we are working WITH you. Our clients are always at the very heart of what we do and our aim is always to exceed expectations and create strong bonds with our clients.


Why blend in when you can stand out? You need to look inward and define your own values, even if they are different to what the rest of the world expects. Don’t run with the pack…create your own!

Our studio is based on the beautiful, sunny Isle of Wight. Being based in a rural location isn’t what clients first expect from a studio specializing in music event artwork, but the amazing scenery and fresh sea air does wonders for getting the creative juices flowing!

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand

-Paul Rand

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